The Need For More Clean Romance Novels

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved to read. I believe that this love of reading has shaped my personality and vocabulary to a great extent. However, I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have picked up a book to read, only to throw it in the trash with absolute disgust or promptly return it to the library.

c;ean romanceI find that most books written today are not worth reading. Let me explain why. Books are very powerful teaching tools. When you read a book, you are trying to understand the thinking, motives, and actions of someone else. This can thereafter influence the way you think, reason, and act. If the persons you are reading about are thinking, reasoning, and acting in immoral, dishonest, or violent ways, you cannot escape unscathed.

This is why there is a great need for more clean romance novels. Louisa May Alcott, a wonderful example of a clean romance novel author, once wrote about how to determine if a novel is worth reading or not. She basically said that what is not fit to be read out loud in front of others, should not be read in private. I have used this standard for years to help me select literature that is truly worth reading.

While it is a struggle to find clean literature, it is not impossible. Some authors that I have enjoyed over the years are Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Gaskell, Kate Douglas Wiggins, Cid Ricketts Sumner, and Charlotte Bronte. I have scoured their bibliographies to try to read everything they wrote.

I am very excited to learn that Donna Hatch is only interested in writing clean romance novels. I doubted at first whether or not someone could still feel this way, but when I read that she refused to write in sex scenes to her books, I became instantly interested. We need more writers like her who refuse to pander to the tastes of the degraded majority of the populace.

It is true that sex sells, but if an author is only interested in making money, the literature he or she writes will not really be worth anything. It will only serve to poison the minds of its readers and prompt them to live lives that make them miserable.

Some may think this is the opinion of a group of old maids who have boring lives, but I am living proof that reading clean literature can contribute to a happy fulfilled life. I am 30 and happily married to a man who watches movies and reads books like Pride and Prejudice with me. I waited to get married until I was 29, because I wanted to be sure of my decision. It may also surprise some to find out that when I married, I was able to give my husband the most precious gift of chastity. If people read more clean literature, they could live happily ever after too.

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Instruction for Sealing Concrete

concrete sealing
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Instructions for resealing concrete surfaces are very important in every given set up. However, a good number of people still tend to live in ignorance. The consequences of not following any instructions are very expensive. This also applies in resealing of coatings on concrete surfaces. Failure to do these could result to the need of redoing the same which is eventually super costly. Reliable scientific research shows that most of the accidents that have occurred in many places have resulted from a failure by people to follow given instructions.

Therefore, there are undoubtedly all reasons to follow all the given instructions in concrete resealing to the latter:

Etching the old layer

The old layer of paint in any given concrete is scratched, dull and unattractive. Worse even, they may nullify all the efforts in recoating the surface. This is because, the old layer reduces the durability of the new coating applied.  As it is said, prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is very important for the surface that is to be resealed to be prepared enough to prevent the new coating from peeling off thus requiring to be redone.

Leave enough time for drying

Many cases have occurred where; a resealed coat hardly stays for a week. Most times, the owners are too fast to interfere with surfaces that have been lately coated. This coating is too new and likely to scrap off by simply passing over it. At the same time, the coating is made up of constituents that are highly prone to evaporation. Such as Xylene and Acetone. All they require is to be given ample time for evaporation after which the surfaces are very safe and long lasting.

Heating the syrup before application

Scientific research shows that high temperature increases the evaporation rate of substances. This is the principle that is applied in ensuring that concrete coatings dry up in due time. Therefore, warming up the syrup could be of great help. It is worth noting that too much heat can be super risky and may explode. However, this is dependent upon the product that is being used. While some coatings can allow warming to fasten drying, some others are highly reactive to small temperatures. They could explode on little warming. Thus, the instructions should be read and understood to prevent causing accidents while intending to make things better.

Protecting the coating

Sometimes, concrete coatings will look super elegant immediately after resealing. However, it only takes seconds to spoil immediately on trending on the wet paint. It leads to an unattractive appearance of the footsteps after the surface dries.  This can be prevented by simply spreading smooth materials on the surface in case it is frequently walked on. It also protects the surface from direct ultra violet light that tends to be a great menace to any paint as it reduces its durability.

Take care of bubbles and blisters

It is common for bubbles to appear when a solvent based sealer is applied. It causes the concrete surface to appear shoddy and unattractive. These bubbles can be taken care of in a super easy way. This can be achieved by wetting the surface with substances like xylene and acetone which are capable of preventing formation of bubbles and blisters.

Taking care of your concrete is essential to avoiding the need for repair or other types of concrete resurfacing. Repairing or restoring concrete is more costly than maintenance or care including sealing and resealing your concrete surfaces.

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What are stages of Grief?

Stages of Grief

overcoming griefGrief cannot be predicted. People can go through different stages of grief depending on their personality. Some may take long to grief while others may take shorter time. It may not even happen to other people. Stages of grief cannot be classified in any order of occurrence. There are some processes an individual can go through and they may include the following.

  1. Emotional despair and sorrow: This may be the longest stage one can go through. It involves deep sad feelings that one has and would take time to be emotionally stable.
  2. Denial and numbness: This is the feeling of unreality and being unable to cope with the truth.You are not able to figure out why or how it happened.
  3. Anxiety and anger: After an individual does away with the shock of the news, he goes through a state of anxiety and anger that he may take it out on other people. He even feels angry to God for letting it happen yet He had the power to stop it.
  4. Reorganization: This is the stage whereby a person is able to deal with the reality and tries to live with it. There is some positive feeling that there could be life after all that happened.
  5. Moving on: The loss makes part of the history and sadness fades away. New things start coming up and occupying the gap left behind. You start concentrating on what would make your life better.

There could be no exact time that a person can take to grief. Depending on an individual, time taken to heal the wounds may be between one to two years. Some people can grief for a short time then they go back to normal life. Others may through counseling before they fully recover from grief.

Life can never take a course that we all want. Recovering from grief will happen indefinitely and life has to continue because that is never the end of the world. You only need to have hope for a better future and all will be well in the end.

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Stress symptoms and management

Stress symptoms and management

Stress could be from personal work, dysfunctional inter-relationships, monetary constraints and medical complications. Some level of stress is facilitated by traumatic experiences and loss. The symptoms are both psychological and emotional.

1. Have a body study

This can be achieved by noticing changes in the heart rate and body pains. Stress can worsen already existing health problems such as chronic migraines and blood pressure.

2. Know stress symptoms

Sometimes people graduate to chronic stress as they were not aware of signs at the acute level. Headaches, physical fatigue and digestive problems are the most common pointers and should never be ignored. In addition, excess loss of weight without participating in any physical activities is a symptom to watch out for.

3. The blood pressure

Monitoring the blood pressure should be habitual especially if you have stress profile. A physician should be able to point out causes or stress symptoms. Currently; one can acquire a blood pressure monitor kit from pharmacy stores and have self tests at home.

4. Do a weight check regularly

Make it a habit to step on a scale. Again, if there is excess weight loss or gain, it could be a sign of a pressured life. Some people develop eating disorder when stressed, that is anorexia or Bulimia. A weight check should be done naked and consistently.

5. Note insomnia tendencies

Sleeping troubles or over sleeping may be a sign of stress. In addition, dream patterns that are disturbed or with nightmares are as a result of pressure. Hence, an individual should avoid worrying and anxiety.

6. Breathing pattern

Changes in breathing are sometimes stress related. Too quick or short breaths can be stress related. Avoid lifestyles such as smoking or abuse of substances which interfere with respiratory function and may propel stress when lacking.



7. Energy

Stress saps off energy and any feeling of fatigue and lazy tendencies should be addressed instantly. Excited people bustle with energy and hence no sign of pressure and the opposite is true.

Effects of stress

  • Weakens the immune system and for this, the body cannot fight diseases
  • Interrupts menstrual cycle regularity in women.
  • Leads to weight increase and loss depending on individuals’ body reaction to stress.

When considering on solving stress, counseling or therapy, including marriage counseling and therapy, is helpful as it deals with root causes of the issue and sharing is half solving. Moreover, managing stress ensures that one’s life longevity is enhanced as it is a factor leading to death due to suicidal tendencies and health complications.

It must be noted that one cannot address stress alone; visiting the spa for instance would be helpful in relaxation. Having solid relationships or pillars of power is vital; this is in reference to people who help in ensuring healthy emotional stability; it could be a medical specialist or friends.

Self medication is not advisable especially with use of sleeping pills and anti depressants. Constant use could lead to dependency and fail to solve the real problem as not all stress should be treated medically.


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