Stress symptoms and management

Stress symptoms and management

Stress could be from personal work, dysfunctional inter-relationships, monetary constraints and medical complications. Some level of stress is facilitated by traumatic experiences and loss. The symptoms are both psychological and emotional.

1. Have a body study

This can be achieved by noticing changes in the heart rate and body pains. Stress can worsen already existing health problems such as chronic migraines and blood pressure.

2. Know stress symptoms

Sometimes people graduate to chronic stress as they were not aware of signs at the acute level. Headaches, physical fatigue and digestive problems are the most common pointers and should never be ignored. In addition, excess loss of weight without participating in any physical activities is a symptom to watch out for.

3. The blood pressure

Monitoring the blood pressure should be habitual especially if you have stress profile. A physician should be able to point out causes or stress symptoms. Currently; one can acquire a blood pressure monitor kit from pharmacy stores and have self tests at home.

4. Do a weight check regularly

Make it a habit to step on a scale. Again, if there is excess weight loss or gain, it could be a sign of a pressured life. Some people develop eating disorder when stressed, that is anorexia or Bulimia. A weight check should be done naked and consistently.

5. Note insomnia tendencies

Sleeping troubles or over sleeping may be a sign of stress. In addition, dream patterns that are disturbed or with nightmares are as a result of pressure. Hence, an individual should avoid worrying and anxiety.

6. Breathing pattern

Changes in breathing are sometimes stress related. Too quick or short breaths can be stress related. Avoid lifestyles such as smoking or abuse of substances which interfere with respiratory function and may propel stress when lacking.



7. Energy

Stress saps off energy and any feeling of fatigue and lazy tendencies should be addressed instantly. Excited people bustle with energy and hence no sign of pressure and the opposite is true.

Effects of stress

  • Weakens the immune system and for this, the body cannot fight diseases
  • Interrupts menstrual cycle regularity in women.
  • Leads to weight increase and loss depending on individuals’ body reaction to stress.

When considering on solving stress, counseling or therapy, including marriage counseling and therapy, is helpful as it deals with root causes of the issue and sharing is half solving. Moreover, managing stress ensures that one’s life longevity is enhanced as it is a factor leading to death due to suicidal tendencies and health complications.

It must be noted that one cannot address stress alone; visiting the spa for instance would be helpful in relaxation. Having solid relationships or pillars of power is vital; this is in reference to people who help in ensuring healthy emotional stability; it could be a medical specialist or friends.

Self medication is not advisable especially with use of sleeping pills and anti depressants. Constant use could lead to dependency and fail to solve the real problem as not all stress should be treated medically.