What are stages of Grief?

Stages of Grief

overcoming griefGrief cannot be predicted. People can go through different stages of grief depending on their personality. Some may take long to grief while others may take shorter time. It may not even happen to other people. Stages of grief cannot be classified in any order of occurrence. There are some processes an individual can go through and they may include the following.

  1. Emotional despair and sorrow: This may be the longest stage one can go through. It involves deep sad feelings that one has and would take time to be emotionally stable.
  2. Denial and numbness: This is the feeling of unreality and being unable to cope with the truth.You are not able to figure out why or how it happened.
  3. Anxiety and anger: After an individual does away with the shock of the news, he goes through a state of anxiety and anger that he may take it out on other people. He even feels angry to God for letting it happen yet He had the power to stop it.
  4. Reorganization: This is the stage whereby a person is able to deal with the reality and tries to live with it. There is some positive feeling that there could be life after all that happened.
  5. Moving on: The loss makes part of the history and sadness fades away. New things start coming up and occupying the gap left behind. You start concentrating on what would make your life better.

There could be no exact time that a person can take to grief. Depending on an individual, time taken to heal the wounds may be between one to two years. Some people can grief for a short time then they go back to normal life. Others may through counseling before they fully recover from grief.

Life can never take a course that we all want. Recovering from grief will happen indefinitely and life has to continue because that is never the end of the world. You only need to have hope for a better future and all will be well in the end.

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