11 thoughts on “280 I Am Alone. Dealing with Grief & Loss. Robert Smith”

  1. Robert Smith… Just a quick note to say it is a joy to watch you work your
    healing magic, and make such a difference in the lives of those you
    touch… Thank You for all that you share with all of us!

  2. @TheStarofDown Yes, it really is us who is doing it. It is our great
    ability to produce our issues and practice our problems until the day the
    curtain opens for us to perform. Peace Robert

  3. Gosh I wish the sound was easier to hear. The echo is preventing us to
    catch what is said by this beautiful lady and by you… I wonder if this
    can be re-editted. Thank you Robert for the work you do! Namasté ~D~ Canada

  4. I’ve been struggling with this grief and loss for about a couple years. My
    sadness has been prolonged because of insensitive family members. When you
    have love and support , it makes the transition alot easier.

  5. @OrangeCountyBeauty I think holding onto the grief and loss is a self
    harming process but making peace with those who have moved to the next
    process and knowing they are ok. So it is ok for you to be ok and to move
    on to the next level of life.

  6. to say that grief is harmful is to deny a basic human reality, and
    invalidate the stage that is a part of growth after the loss of a loved
    one. We are not ROBOTS, and don’t just skip from loss to BLISS. How

  7. @sulimander Grief is harmful and hurtful. Sure people will and do die that
    is apart of life but keeping pain and making it a badge of honor is not
    healthy. Those who feel grief every time is a robot and having no other
    options. I believe we should feel the pain and make peace by letting it go
    which it is the most humane thing you can do. Keeping the pain is very
    inhumane and harmful.

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