25 thoughts on “5 Tricks for Overcoming Fear”

  1. I have a fear of the dark because of two things: the Bloody Mary thing that
    you do in the bathroom and scary movies because there scary. I’m 13 and I
    still use a nightlight and sometimes I feel ashamed for it since I’m a

  2. doesn’t work for my Aichmophobia you see i am a very logical person and as
    such i have actually gone through the first 3 steps on my own and the last
    2 aren’t something you can just do i have actually tried with every last
    bit of my will power to just loosen up but it doesn’t work and the last
    step i have been fallowing it for 6 years but to no avail. this clearly
    isn’t meant for a phobia fear otherwise i would be over my Aichmophobia by

  3. Scared of darkness and spiders. What do i do? I know that the ghost from
    “The ring” isn’t real but i still imagine her walking towards me. It scares
    me to death. I have to sleep with the tube light on. I can’t help it. I
    need help.

  4. I’m having trouble talking to my crush, mainly because i’m extremely shy.
    She knows that I like her and she does like me back. I always tell myself
    to go and talk to her, but I always end up chickening out. It’s mainly what
    I think others will think about me which makes me chicken out. I really
    want to talk to my crush. Please help.

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