One thought on “After10 – Ep163C01 Overcoming the Trauma of Sewol ho Ferry Disaster”

  1. Overcoming the Trauma of Sewol-ho Ferry Disaster
    For more than three weeks, Korea has been in a state of shock and grief,
    anger and frustration over the devastating Sewol-ho ferry disaster that has
    left more than 300 people, many of them teenagers, dead.
    At times like this, we seek answers to difficult questions about what
    happened to help heal some of the pain.
    To help us do that, we are joined today by Dr. Woo Jong-min of Inje
    University Paik Hospital.
    세월호 트라우마 치유법
    세월호 대참사 이후 대한민국 전체가 슬픔에 잠겼다.
    생존자와 희생자들은 어떻게 위로해야 할까?
    국가적 트라우마는 어떻게 치유해야 할까?
    [AFTER 10]에서 인제대학교 서울백병원의 정신건강의학 전문의 우종민 교수 모시고 조언 구해본다.

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