7 thoughts on “Dealing With Loss and Grief”

  1. Thank you for this. I just lost my sister and best friend two weeks ago,
    tragically and suddenly. She was only one year older than me and have been
    finding it extremely hard to make any steps in the right direction. Your
    video was beautiful and I will take all I can from it to help me continue
    my life.

  2. EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT TALKING ABOUT GRIEF!!! Everyone in my family just
    doesn’t want to talk about my sister,.. Like she NEVER existed!!! Thank you
    for acknowledging this !!!

  3. “Whatever purpose they were to fill on this earth also still is alive and
    is alive within you today” — this particular thing you say means so much
    to me. Thanks for this video… this and many other things you say here
    resonates with me a great deal. This video really helped me to feel a
    little better.

  4. But it;s so hard to show my grief. When i feel sincere, heartfelt and
    painful grief, my emotions shut down and i become stoic… but i miss my
    mother so much. I frequently almost forget that she passed away and still
    reach for my cellphone to call her. I am therefore almost reminded of the
    loss is such a deep away a few times a day… 

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