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  1. Does anyone know if Ajahn Brahm holds retreats in Europe? I’ve been
    listening to his mp3s every day and they are amazing. Thank you, Ajahn
    Brahm, I have you in my heart!

  2. I am dealing with my emotions, Nam MYOHO REGE KYO,living in this emotional
    world being oura control for so long wow, not easy…I will not give up….
    never..ever.The forces I will not give them power over me…

  3. 250,000 views, man. On the one hand, I want Ajahn Brahm to be special, a
    well-kept secret. On the other, I can only imagine how many of those people
    he has helped, not just with this talk but with the entirety of his Dhamma
    teaching. I am just one of those people. Just one of those 250,000.

  4. How many people know the origin of Emotions , how can you deal with
    Emotions if you do not know where they come from or why you are feeling
    them ,

    Like the Emotions of Guilt , How many people have wanted to turn off the
    Emotion of Guilt but were not successful .

    To feel Emotions , you have to have a soul , as we all do , and you have to
    have chakras, Chakras are how we feel Emotions , check chakras on you tube ,

    Charkas , are energy vortexes in the soul cone shaped and they spin

    Chakras and the soul vibrate at 4th dimension , which means we cant see
    them with our physical eyes , but they are there in side the soul 7 of them
    to be exact,

    Emotions come through three of the chakras the Heart chakra , the solar
    plexus chakra and the base chakra , The Emotions that come through these
    chakras are forced through them by God and the Angels from Heaven , and we
    receive Emotions at certain times , usually after we do something good or
    bad ,Negative Emotions are a signal from God and the Emotion’s that we have
    done something wrong and there negative feelings, we feel are a form of
    punishment ,

    You cant control, or shut of negative Emotions or good Emotions, that can
    only be done from Heaven by God and the Angels , and they will release any
    Negative Emotions as and when your karma is repaid , we are here to learn ,
    and Emotions are karma

  5. I used to suffer from anxiety and depression and these videos have helped
    me more than any medicine or therapy ever have. Thank you for sharing your
    wisdom and giving such relatable talks. 

  6. I would have to disagree with you ~ Malevolent spirits can harm you ! ~
    I’ve had them scratch me and draw blood ~ I even had them push me down a
    flight of stairs ~ Over the past several years through meditation I learned
    how to expand and contract my energy ~ When you expand your energy it
    creates a sanctuary around you that attracts birds and other animals (
    Including Benevolent Spirits ) ~ When you contract your energy animals
    steer clear of you and you attract malevolent spirits ~ I found this out
    the hard way ~ I was foolishly going around expanding and contracting my
    energy to see what would happen ~ What happened was I became a beacon for
    malevolent spirits that started to coalesce around me ~ Then for three long
    months i was under a sustained attack both day and night which culminated
    in me being pushed down a flight of stairs ~ This experience has totally
    changed my life ! ~ I no longer play around expanding and contracting my
    energy ~ I now unfold my energy like a lotus unfolds its petals and I
    sanctify the space in which I’m in ~ This defuses all the negative energy
    and keeps it from coalescing around me ~

  7. Ajahn Brahm – talks about stuff really nice & normal – makes solutions to
    our everyday stuff sound so simple & easy to see. Self-compassion.
    Beautiful. Thank you.

  8. Hello! Have you thought about – Supreme Panic Magic (erm, check it on
    google should be there)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8
    removed the anxiety problem with it.

  9. concerning how deal with emotions, the Holy Bible says the following words:

    He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, And he who rules his
    spirit, than he who captures a city.
    And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your
    hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    Don’t rely on evil spirits to handle emotion !

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