25 thoughts on “EFT for Grieving the Loss of a Pet”

  1. I’ve had pets die/run away. Once I had a pet not come in to my room one
    night and the next day he was gone. I always feel really guilty over even
    after years it eats me to pieces. I dunno if something is wrong with me
    because it’s always like it’s yesterday. I forget about it sometimes but I
    always have this ever lasting guilt. I feel helpless and like I deserve
    punishment not being there more for them. I dunno how else to explain it.

  2. My dog died about 3 days ago. He meant the world to me. He was a victim of
    Addisons Disease and now i am depressed and super guilty of the times i
    scolded him and I want to go back in time and spend one more day with him.

  3. my cat, that I’ve had since he was 12 weeks old and i was 5 years old & he
    was 7 going on 8 and I’m 14. he was hit by a car 3 days ago.. i find it
    hard to go a day without crying at least 4-5 times a day also i don’t
    really want to eat. it sucks, he was all i had, a best friend,always there.
    one day he’s there and the next he’s gone.. foever.. i would do ANYTHING to
    get him back he was the best cat ever! he never did ANYTHING wrong. i just
    dont know why. why it had to be him. RIP Silver Bullet

  4. My dog died a long time ago, and im still not over it, I had that dog
    forever and no one (around me) knows how hard it is to lose your first ever
    bff. I miss Bussie so much I don’t think I can ever heal. I always think
    i’ll wake up to her at my feet, buts it always my other pillow. I miss my
    pet so much, and we cant get a new on because my guardians LOVE to travel,
    well I HATE it…. even more now… have anything that can help? I cant
    make it through the video with out crying…

  5. I lost my cat Theo over the weekend, he was by little lion and ginger man,
    I am truly devastated. I hold back the tears at work some of my coworkers
    were nice about it. I am truly broken up inside and finding his body and
    seeing my little man like that has just broken me. I feel guilt for letting
    him out and I wish I could go back and change my decisions to allow him to
    go out.

  6. I just had to give up my cat because we wont be able to provide for him
    anymore :'( I feel like there is a huge emptiness inside of me and I just
    cant help but cry…I just lost my best friend…I guess I can relate to
    you. Im so sorry for your loss.

  7. Just lost my dog Tucker, he died last night.. this is the most devastating
    moment in my life. And to make matters worse, I am at University, and I was
    grocery shopping when my mother called me sobbing with the news. You just
    never know when tragic things happen, you have to grasp life when you can.
    RIP Tucker, I miss you so much and wish I was back at home.

  8. I just now found my dear birdie with his head down in the water he drinks
    from. He must have been stuck or accidentally choked on the water. The
    night went from fine, which is rare for me since I have depression, to
    absolutely devistating. I luckily have 8 others, which helps a bit, but he
    was just such a uniqie one with his own melody and such a personality.
    R.I.P Plet Junior.´╗┐

  9. My precious baby Patches passed away more than three weeks ago and I’m
    still crying everyday, I miss her so so much. My heart goes out to all
    those hurting for their beloved pets. I know how heartbreaking it is. Our
    babies are watching over us until one day we can be together again. Many
    blessing to all. ´╗┐

  10. I will say, I’m more attached to my dog Ashley than I am with even my own
    parents. I don’t take loss well. I’m sure I will go into a downward spiral
    for years when she does pass away. She is 10? But she’s slowing down a lot.

  11. My cat recently died of a tumor in her nose I cried for weeks and still do
    and people tell me that I’m dumb and was just a cat but I felt as if she
    was more than my cat and I can grieve as long as I want about my damn cat´╗┐

  12. We have to get rid of my dog because my family is to busy to look after him
    properly he is going in a few days and he wasn’t just a pet he was my
    friend he was the best thing that happened to me and I don’t know how I’m
    going to live without him. I love him to the point I would take a bullet
    for him…

  13. my cat died a few hours ago because he got run over by a car and I saw him
    dead and it’s hurting sooo much it’s overwhelming ´╗┐

  14. My dog Beau sadly got put down today because of pancreatitis. I have been
    really depressed and have been crying all day. The problem is when I forget
    about it then I go down stairs to get some food I see all the places he
    slept and his food bowl and then I realize he is gone forever. I just wish
    I could see him one last time.´╗┐

  15. My beloved cat got locked outside and ran away she’s been gone for 3 weeks
    now and i feel fully responsible. we have pics of her in my house and
    everytime i think of her even the good times i cry unstopably
    uncontrollably and i cant get over her i have so much anxiety and i miss
    her so much that i dont want to eat or do anything nothing makes it better
    nothing makes me happier and if i could start over i would never do the
    things i did. But that cant happen, can it?´╗┐

  16. Thank u Annabel for this tapping, I needed it so much. I lost one of my
    Cocker Spaniel two months ago, and it has been devastating for me. I can’t
    stop crying and feel emptiness. At this point I can’t talk about this to
    anybody, because they look me like Ok, it is enough!, but the reality is
    that I have this deep grieving inside of me and don’t know how to move on.
    Even though I feel that I should focus my love and attention on my other
    Cockers, her mom and her friend, it is so difficult for me to handle these
    feelings. I am going to keep tapping, follow your recommendations and do my
    best to remember her as the beautiful and lovely dog she was. She will be
    forever in my heart, but I know that, as my husband said, I’ll do my best
    to remember the joyful moments we lived with her, the love she gave us
    during 9 years. Thank you Annabel again. I needed to find people with whom
    I could share how I feel.´╗┐

  17. I visited a psychic healer after my beloved Stuart, a grey Manx, passed
    away. Stuart sent me the message that he loves me as much as I love him,
    and thanks for providing him with such a comfortable, well-fed life after
    so many lifetimes of struggle! That message took away a lot of the pain,
    but there is some residual sadness, and I’ll definitely try the tapping.
    Haven’t done it before, so I’m looking forward to it. ´╗┐

  18. I just lost my last pet, and I will never be able to find one again,
    because it is one of the hardest to find animals in the U.S., because it is
    a species native to Europe. I already miss him.´╗┐

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