22 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer – Overcoming Fear And Doubt”

  1. God is pretty good! He forgives us in the moment we ask for forgiveness, He
    is NOT like us…When the doubt comes up.. WE NEEED TO PRAISE GOD! I love
    the message! Thank you so much for sharing this sermon.

  2. I don’t wanna say any thing bad about what the bible says about women
    pastors but Mrs.Joyce if there any way where you can make an expection it
    whould be her much saving

  3. Wow. This video is so anointed. While I watched it I felt as if the
    Message was written just for me, I felt as if God used Joyce to talk to me,
    teach me, open my eyes in so many areas of my life. I pray that this video
    will bless and encourage many others who are sincerely seeking God and
    wisdom in Jesus name. 

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