6 thoughts on “OVERCOMING GRIEF & DESPAIR 1/5 – The Mourning – Guy McPherson”

  1. none of this is comprehensible to swallow for the lives of my
    grandchildren.. this is the only part of extinction that kills me ..
    destroys me, ruptures me from inside out.. they have not been allowed to
    explore and grow into knowing .. it is beyond unfair. 

  2. Human extinction is nothing new since we’ve had the problem of nuclear
    weapons for a few decades now. Probably easier to give up joy about life
    since life is overrated and we are all just born with an irrational bias
    for life that is not logical.

  3. I think for those who are saying Guy, M. is being insensitive to those who
    find this information out or believe it is broadly correct. I thought about
    this, and came to the conclusion that, if I knew someone was poisoning your
    tea and your families food and drink, ( would you like someone to tell
    what’s going on)? I think most people would say of course they would like
    to know, well, it’s a similar philosophy! 

  4. I agree with the title of the article I’m posting below. My research has
    also led me to conclude that large magnitude quakes are to be expected – so
    severe – that living on land will not be safe. For those who don’t know:
    With each one degree of temperature increase, the atmosphere can hold an
    additional 7% more humidity which results in increased rainfall, soil
    saturation and landslides. Entire communities will be buried in landslides
    all around the world, roads and bridges washed out, airports closed down,
    etc. More fissures will be opening up on the Earth, along with sinkholes,
    damaging winds and lightning, plus the food shortages, diseases, wars, and
    so on. One large magnitude quake, one massive flood, one large fissure,
    one sinkhole, one ebola outbreak, one executive order for martial law, one
    political revolution, one economic collapse, one wildfire, one tornado, one
    electronic grid to go down… that’s all it takes to trap us and to make
    escape impossible:
    Expect massive quake devastation around the world. “… It’s going to be
    hard to rule out a 9 in a lot of places,” Vidale said.” That’s exactly
    right. The data suggests large magnitude quakes, with massive devastation,
    will be occurring in areas where quakes are unheard of, the same with large
    fissures in the Earth, sinkholes, massive landslides, massive floods, etc.

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