5 thoughts on “OVERCOMING GRIEF & DESPAIR 2/5 – The Healing – Guy McPherson”

  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings about our future. I’ve been processing
    all this – intellectually and emotionally – for a long time. I was
    propelled to further my research and I am confident the total extinction of
    humanity will not happen – although it will get very close. I have way too
    much evidence to support this. What’s coming will be good for humanity
    and for Earth so please do your best to look on the bright side and leave
    the northern hemisphere as soon as possible.

  2. I feel it is a waste of time to be running around looking for safe places
    to live in. I am a lazy person so I will just enjoy my time till the end

  3. Climate change 12: Your uploads of Guy Mcpherson are very informative and,
    although not true videos, info seems better absorbed because of the
    embedded photo of Guy. I would like to kindly ask that you also include a
    photo behind that wonderful, captivating voice of your own.

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