25 thoughts on “Effects of Stress on Your Body”

  1. Whichever way we view it, our physical body is the first to experience
    stress from many factors. It can include the environment, emotional
    problems, and physical constraints.

  2. one of the reasons we are so prone to these illnesses in the u.s, is
    because we are always working, no country works as much as the u.s. no
    wonder drugs and alcohol addiction are out of control here. we work mon-fri
    and let loose for the weekend and go crazy then back on mon. we live to
    work while the rest of the world works to live

  3. Great video explaining what happens to the mind and body when under
    prolonged stress. As hypnotherapists we find that hypnotherapy is very
    effective in managing stress levels. We all have some stress in our lives
    and it can be a good thing making us take action, However prolonged stress
    is harmful and causes suffering and is harmful to health.
    Smiles for a stress-free weekend from The English Sisters in Rome 

  4. I agree! Great video! I myself have been under a lot of stress due
    to certain circumstances in my life, both from my past experiences and
    current life experiences… I have been through talk therapy with several
    therapist over the years and still searching for a good therapist today. I
    also suffer with depression and anxiety and also have on going medical
    issues. But i am trying my best to cope with using mediation, doing yoga
    and other forms of exercises in which i find helpful for the most part. I
    also try to stay as positive as i can, even though…i must admit it does
    get hard sometimes…

  5. An explanation of bad effects caused on your body because of stress. This
    video explains the functions of body parts and the harms occurred due to

  6. that’s why sometimes we need the perfect food supplement in our body..
    vitamins + minerals + anti-oxidant that can help our body… and to control
    the diseases… and i am glad i’m taking it… :)

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