25 thoughts on “Justice – Stress (Official Video)”

  1. The fact that you hate theses kids makes them really good actors. And the
    aggressive video goes very well with the music. That music is so powerful
    as it makes you angry. Congrats to Justice. 

  2. sorry about the question, but the footage of the video is real or is
    fictional, because if it’s real, these people are so crazy…(to a mental
    asylum RIGHT NOW)

    Sorry about my english I’m Spanish hahahah

  3. good i’m living in Poland, because I doesn’t have to afraid imigrants
    attack me. I can do jogging in the evening or after 22;00. In Paris this is
    impossible, not only Paris but in west europe.
    Sorry for my english

  4. Alright, I understand the beating shit off everything, but I dislike it
    when it he got the guitar and smashed it with the congas, they are just
    creating music, fuck why?

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