25 thoughts on “Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend”

  1. “Go after what is creating meaning in your life, and then trust yourself to
    handle what follows.” ~Kelly McGonigal

    h/t +Stephan Hovnanian for encouragement to watch the video

    #tedtalk #stress #stressmanagement 

  2. This talk reminds me of something important every time I watch it: When we
    reach out and help others, we’re also helping ourselves. An act of caring
    makes you a stronger person than you were before.

    I used to play guitar on the streets of Tokyo, to earn money. Sometimes I
    was surprised to see how people who looked poor and needy were the ones who
    were most generous and giving. A lot of the time, people who wore the
    cheapest cloths gave me the most money. Maybe they needed to be that way
    more than those who wore expensive suits did.

    In any case, I gain a little piece of courage whenever I think about these

  3. Stress is good for us. At least, that’s what the people who want to exploit
    you want you to believe. As long as you make them money, they don’t care.

    Stress also stifles creative thought, which is exactly what the exploiters
    like to see. Don’t think for yourself; do your job, and shut up!

    This TED talk is a pernicious piece of garbage, and a disgrace to TED
    overall. I wonder how much corporate funding McGonigal receives to spread
    this nonsense.

  4. They say that going through crisis creates deeper bonds with the ones
    succouring you…so, that’s part of because of a hormone called oxcytocin?
    ö.ö’ Science…

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