25 thoughts on “Stress and effect on a vessel in severe weather conditions”

  1. Fantastic video showing the principles of a good sound design of a ship. It
    has to be flexible as well as strong. I think, it would take som getting
    used to, if you were to sail a ship during such conditions. Incidently this
    ship was built at the renowned but regrettably now closed ship yard Lindø
    in Munkebo, Denmark..

  2. The “funny” thing is that the weather at the time of the recording wasn’t
    that bad. Just imagine when the vessel’s go through a fullsize typhoon,
    which happened to me on my last trip before going a shore

  3. Vidste du at et skib faktisk er en flexibel konstruktion? Ja ok jeg ville
    nok være en smule bekymret; men eftersigende er det helt normalt det skal
    bøje sig så meget..

  4. hahaha. OK, c’est flexible 🙂 et les architectes ont bien fait les calculs
    ils ont juste laissé une belle marge. Imaginons juste un peu que les
    ‘Eléments’ soient un petit peu plus “nerveux” et que la marge envisagée
    soit dépassée :). Ton cargo il va casser d’un coup ;)

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